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Recently an AV industry guru reported and commented on a blog titled “Mersive takes on Barco and Crestron”.  The commentary struck me as odd in a couple ways.

One standpoint being “Why would Mersive poke Crestron in the eye?”  Now mind you AirMedia may have a shortcoming and is not even Crestron’s own technology. It is a bit bolted on to their framework. But it works and is a valid solution for those who accept it.  What is interesting is Mersive’s bold bashing only encountered the guru stating how AV is a hardware driven business and may not be able to handle Mersive’s software delivery method. Boomerang!

My second view is how absurd the coverage of this is to begin with. That anyone with AV industry blinders on, thinks that the competition is what Barco ClickShare or Crestron offers, shows an under estimation of how much collaboration business there is in the world.  The competition is not other forms of Collaboration products my friends.  The competition is people who do not collaborate!  This is like chefs bickering over recipes in the kitchen while the world passes the restaurant door!

Take it from the leader of the team who brought Barco ClickShare into market. Starin was proud to establish the market for Barco, which prior-to had operated in the high-end and needed a market-making channel management company to break it out. It has.  It took 6 months to get to critical mass though.   And I can share this insight after 14 months.  From what we have captured in market share (a good business), it is the tip of the iceberg.  And it is up to AV/IT professionals to exploit the potential.

Starin also develops business for WOW Vision, a complementary Collaboration Solution, which expands the features of collaborating beyond screen sharing.  How can we offer both you might ask?  We do not think of one losing and one winning!   We think of shouting to the world that Collaboration Impacts Your Organization!!!  And again WOW or Barco competition is not any other wireless offer.  It is getting the world to realize that WE ARE NO LONGER IN THE PRESENTATION AGE.

Talking head presenting is giving way to ultimate sharing in any direction from any screen to any screen.  The world is moving in the collaboration culture. BYOD is demanding it.  Group interaction leads to engagement.

If there is any device Wow or Barco is competing against it is any wired antiquated AV hardware schema.  The WOW miniVEOS for instance can replace a Pole Vault system at 2/3rds the price!  And IT IS A LEARNING SYSTEM, not a connectivity solution.  People do not want to buy AV equipment!  They want to have a better means to communicate and today that means Collaborate.  Some want the simplicity of an easy button, some want it with their Crestron media, some want it with Lync via WOW or others who jump on the movement.

Yes, We all need to know the various offers out there.  But let’s not get AV blinders on – looking in to the industry instead of out toward the world.   We are out for more pie, not arguing over some mere slice we imagine.  Grow the market.  Starin is doing it. Barco is doing it. WOW Vision is doing it.  More power to movement. Join us!


Tech solution providing in the collaboration eco-system

Healthy and prosperous organizations thrive on purpose, people and passion. Since I like alliteration, I will add that programs and property quickly follow, to serve the first three life blood attributes.  Staying relevant and up-to-date is vital. What served us in a prior era may no longer be the right answers and methods today.  Modes of interaction, motivation, creativity and productivity are changing and technology is assisting it, if not driving it. Bring your own device and mobile communications influence behavioral patterns.  People are dispersed.  People are busy.  Many organizations are doing more with less.  Workers are extended in their responsibilities.   It makes for a challenging and yet exciting time.  Creating environments for immediate and immersive technology connections is the mission of any tech communications provider.  Perhaps our former design paradigms must be altered.  Our industry gets to set the stage for collaboration anytime, anywhere with anyone.  Starin is adapting.  Your views and participation are welcome.


I mean really, who needs Ultra HD with 4k?? or My duh moment to wow moment

When I first saw 4K shown on a panel at InfoComm I thought, “ok, I see the pixel density, but who needs yet higher high definition?” I justified that when you get to larger screen sizes, certainly there will be less screen-door effect and a more solid image. So, ok for those applications it might make sense. Still, I wondered beyond the image conscious people of the world, who would want it? Most laptops are putting out 1080.

When I was shown that WOW Vision’s Collab8 collaboration hub has 4K output capability the light went on. 4K is not about Ultra-HD video! It’s about pixel-density needed for effective collaboration. When you have a device like the Collab8 that allows up to 6 devices on the screen at one time, the system does a great job of scaling. Yet, how far can you go dicing up 1920×1080? Soon enough you have something less than VGA per shared participant. 4K is an answer.

For small collaboration stations – points of collaboration presence outside the typical conference room where everyone is in close proximity of a screen – this may or may not be required. It certainly will help the clarity. Yet it is in the new collaboration meeting room itself, where it more resembles a situation room or war room of numerous contributors on a digital canvass, that 4K is justified. And it provides a place for the industry to add value.

Where do you see 4k being applied?