Want Faster Shipping and
Fewer Mistakes? You Got it!
Along time ago, a project I was working on was moving perfectly. Design, labor, pricing and profit were all spot on. I crossed my T’s and dotted my I’s. and then it happened. Outside factors that I couldn't have planned for or control come up. They cost me time, and money. They almost cost me a relationship.
What happens when that key product coming to the Midwest from the East or West Coast misses a deadline? It puts you at risk.
Sure, not every problem can be controlled. But for key products and staples of your install diet, such as the amplifiers that you use every day, the risk of long freight time and the cost of shipping is something you think about daily.
But you don’t have to, and neither do I.
Starin has an amazing option of One Day Shipping with UPS that is about to take amplifiers by storm. Interested in win win?