Electro Voice Dynacord
Check Out What's New from Electro-Voice and Dynacord
Bobby Swartz
New products come out all the time. Knowing which one's matter to you is the hard part. I hate getting blindsided by the success of a new product my competitors had, one that I never noticed until I missed the boat. 
Taking the time to focus on and research the right products so you know what is going to be hot, and why is the key, but who has the time to spend researching? I know that, so I have put together a Synergy Center page for you where you can get the scoop, and Try It To Like It if you want.
I'd like to show you three hot new products and applications that I think you are going to love. New Amps (low impedance and 70v) - A Killer Audio rig for DJ’s – and the fastest install speakers I've seen.
If you are in one of these segments, these are three items you must know about and can use to stay ahead of your completion.