Having the latest, cutting-edge projection technology in active use in your own office has benefits.


The most obvious benefit is your meeting space or lobby will have that “wow” factor. You won’t just tell clients about the difference crisp image quality, great color, and stunning brightness can make; you’ll show them.

The less obvious benefit is one that packs a serious ROI punch. It’s the expertise and confidence your team will gain through daily interactions with the latest and greatest products you have to offer your clients. No amount of webinars can compare to that kind of embedded, hands-on training.


Barco gets it.

That’s why they offer one of the most competitive projector demo programs around.


Here are 3 reasons you should check it out:

Significant discounts
on nearly all projectors and lenses

Sell and refresh demo equipment
every six months


Easy online registration







Ready to submit your registration request for a demo quote?


Terms & Conditions:

Contingent on Barco registration approval

• Up to two projectors per dealer location can be purchased

• Demo units must be maintained for demonstration purposes for 6 months

• Demo units are final sale and can be sold after 6 months

• Normal dealer account terms apply