The AVmeetUP™ from Starin is a cordial happy hour atmosphere for industry peers to get together.  Anything but the same old same old.  Collegial conversation, together with presentations of working solutions, leads you to consider new ways to approach customers. From user-experience and outcome-based standpoints,  the intent of the AVmeetUP™ is to spur business development for you.

“The Collaboration Renaissance” CTS RU section starting at 4:00 pm explores the driving forces at work in business and education that are leading organizations to employ interactive AV communications make a case for more productivity and
ROI of AV. 

Join us from 3:30pm to 6:30pm for an engaging experience.
Registration is free. Seating is limited

Presentation starts @ 4:00pm

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Watch a Sneak Preview of AVmeetUP Collaboration Renaissance CTS-RU Presentation Below


See Applications in Action at the AVmeetUP Experience Centers
Barco - Ultra Bright meets Ultra Wide
Starin’s choices of projectors are going Beyond Bright™! Barco, known for incredible image quality and of course ultra-bright output, now have a Panaoramic Pixelscape.   Creates the canvass needed for multi-source collaboration.   Best of all, the entire line of Barco CAV projectors have excellent price points for the room or venue. They make you shine.

JVC & WOWZA - Live Streaming for the Average Joe  –
See how JVC cameras can stream live to a WOWZA server and on to any computer, pad or smart phone. All manageable via the simplest, easy to understand web interface you can imagine

BenQ - BenQ enters Ultra Bright with Ultra Color  –
The urban myth is debunked. DLP color depth is now as rich as a reference monitor! Experience it for yourself at the Fall AVmeetUP and see how BenQ shines!  How does it do it? As part of Starin’s Beyond Bright™ projectors, BenQ's 7000 lumens projector has interchangeable lenses and interchangeable color wheels!

KRAMER & WOW Vision – Most Advanced Collaboration  –
See how Kramer’s Collage goes beyond mere presentation screen sharing to full interactivity where participants can view the main screen on their device and notate over it, where group members  can work on a common document, where they can have 12 participants on screen and a lot more.  

Team Collaboration Stations See how multiple pod workstations in a room or multiple sites can join in a single session and matrix views with Wow Vision Collab8 Nucleus.

REVOLABS – Aesthetic Audio How do you get the Architects and Designers  to know you think like them?  Show them the most aesthetically pleasing audio system.  See how sleek microphones can be. 

As you expect, Revolabs sleek designs provide compactness, rechargeability– with replaceable batteries- and the utmost 256 bit security, that is continually rekeyed.  And above all they simply sound better.