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Learn about the new Meeting Owl!
AVmeetUP - What is a Visualzation Station?

AVoverIP - Separating Facts from Fiction(s).
3 Types of Huddles. 3 Systems Defined.

How to capitalize on an interactive world

Special Edition AVmeetUP-3 Changes in today’s classroom

Clay and Neal ask do you really need a line array?

This is a Special Edition AVmeetUP. Clay and Neal Interview Brawn Consulting about Video on the network and how practical is it?
How AVoverIP solutions can create Better plans with Faster response times. We will discuss the advantages of deploying a mass notification system in schools, where safety is the prime concern.  
Looking Ahead to 2017

Clay and Neal look back on the year:
Count down the 5 Hit Solutions of 2016
(or just come listen to Clay impersonate Casey Kasem)

Are you missing opportunities in conference and board rooms?  What is out of sight, out of mind, and hence out of your pocket? 3 ways Bosch Conferencing will uncover new opportunities for you.
DataPath Wall Designer - Touch the future
Make your customers' walls look like a Fortune 500 company--
without investing the fortune.

Collaborative tools for the education market.
Join our special guest host Bill Mullin, CEO of Starin, along with Clay Stahlka for this AVmeetUp about collaborative tools for the education market.

In 20 minutes we’ll show you how to bring amplified sound anywhere

Pixelscape Collaboration Walls - Touch the future
Friday, September 9, 2016

What's New with ClearOne

You asked for it, and ClearOne has delivered. Big Time.
Spend 20 minutes with us to learn how you benefit.

3 ways your customers communication
projects will change this year.
Affordable digital signage for the rest of us

We'll show you how you can present an exciting and affordable solution that will change the way your customers communicate their message, in small business, schools and houses of worship. Really, for all of us who might not have the big budget for enterprise digital signage.
Take the mystery out of 70 volt distributed sound

5 cool things from InfoComm 2016 -
What happened in Vegas comes to the Coffee Break

Get your “diploma in collaboration” with Kramer VIA Campus

Get your “diploma in collaboration” with Kramer VIA Campus.
Taught by professors Neal and Clay - Jun 24, 2016

PTZ Cameras... Are you down with PTZ?

Are you down with PTZ? Your customers are not just simply buying PTZ cameras... they are buying solutions. Selecting a PTZ camera can be a challenge for them and it is critical to familiarize them with the latest technology so they can effectively weigh their options. To do so, we will show the latest in PTZ cameras, and tips to help your customers choose the right one.- Jun 03, 2016

Control almost any room with just a Click

Join us for a 20 minute look at how you can integrate Neets control system with the hottest collaboration tool in the market, ClickShare -
May 20, 2016

Learn about a future broadcast game changer – Bringing nonlinear editing into switching

Join us for a 20 minute look at the Grass Valley Director, it brings agility into live production for Friday night lights or Sunday Service. -
May 06, 2016

2016 NAB Round Up

Join us for a 20 minute look on what went on at NAB

Apr 29, 2016

Don’t get lost selecting a tour guide system

Whether your customers are conducting a plant tour,
leading employee training or planning virtually any guided
audio tour. Starin has a solution for you. Don’t miss this
Friday’s AVmeetUP With your tour guides Neal and Clay.

Apr 15, 2016

Meet Revolabs CEO, JP Carney for tech news and trends.

Did you ever wonder how these fantastic products we sell came into existence? Have you thought about what it must take to make a brand viable in our market? And what is it like to run a company like that? How can someone possibly balance delivering cutting-edge technologies at a competitive price, and at the same time keep a company profitable?

Apr 01, 2016

Selecting your 4K church production camera

Whether we like it or not, 4K is here. Starin has done the research for you to make sure you know all the pieces you are going to need to make 4K work for the church. So, if your church customers are in the market for a 4K camera, or are looking for a high quality HD camera with an eye to your 4K future you need to watch this. - Mar 04, 2016

Paging, Communications and IP Convergence.

We’ll take a look at a comprehensive solution for this dilemma, and although we might not be able to save the world, we can put our best foot forward in keeping our schools and universities, as well as our businesses and factories more safe and at the same time keep them better connected by offering an often proposed “inclusive communications” platform..

Barco ClickShare NEW products

With over 100,000 units in use all over the globe, Barco has introduced two new ClickShare models and we want to give you a more in depth overview.

MIPRO Wireless portable PA systems - get connected!

Stop by this Friday and see how you will become the wireless portable PA expert this holiday season. While Santa fills his bag of goodies for the kids you can fill the pipeline with new customers.

Starin has proven that our customer winning ideas have helped dealers across the country gain more revenue, more customers and more profits. You need to hear enlightening stories of growing opportunities coming from selling this terrific brand of portable sound systems and how MIPRO has opened the door to even greater opportunities. We guarantee you will come out of this session with many ideas on new customers and markets to approach for new business.

Get the mics off the table - ClearOne Beamforming Microphones

Join us for a 20 minute look at conference microphone technology and how the ClearOne Beamforming Microphone revolutionizes conference audio with its adaptive beamforming array design.

Control solutions made Easy with Neets

Join us for a 20 minute look at Neets Control Solutions made Easy.
Easy to Install, Easy to Configure and Easy to Use.

NEC Display Solutions - Take the complication out of creating the perfect solutions

Starin and NEC together offer you the complete solution. Learn how the Leading provider of display technologies and Starin can help you create valuable packages for collaboration, huddle spaces, and beyond – all while taking the complication out. You have the options to present your clients with EXACTLY what they need, in the budget they need. Learn how Starin brings it all together for you, to make the presales and installation simple and effective. There is a lot of clutter to cut through. Let Starin and NEC be your knife to help trim it down to only the prime cuts.

5 ways to effortless PTZ camera selection

As collaboration extends from local screen sharing to AV everywhere, there’s 3 legs to the collaboration stool. Content, Audio and Video. This week get your toolkit fully loaded for every situation for video with the wide range of cameras available from Starin. We offer the most comprehensive set of tools you can find. You'll understand the how and why behind the right camera for huddle spaces, conference rooms, learning spaces and auditoriums/HOW.

Psssst, hey… want a secret on how K12 affords Collaborative Learning?

Focusing on something that matters, leads to your business success. Collaborative Learning is emerging quickly. It helps education become more effective. How can you show your school district academic technologist and decision makers that it can happen for them? Chances are they want it and need it, but have no idea how to make it happen - or if they can even afford it. Join us to discover how a new tool called NovoConnect is a game changer. 20 minutes will get you 4 ideas to get your customers hooked.

New innovative audio approaches for collaboration

Picture three legs of a stool holding up FULL collaboration. As AV presentation folks, we often focus on the content. Yet without good audio and video the stool of collaboration is not completely functioning.

Smart Mics, USB audio and new wireless solutions will be covered this week to help you outfit the huddle space to the larger meeting space

Starin Content Design Services –
Captivating Digital Signage Content

We know you can put together a great digital signage system. The success of the system is based on both the equipment and the content. You can now be the provider of the whole package, whether it's just a content framework or a full content suite. Join us to learn what drives compelling digital signage content and how this can add value and profits to your digital signage projects.

Double your pixels, Double your profits

How would you like to learn 3 things that you probably didn’t know about projectors? Projector facts I didn’t already know? Come on,man! Well we have some new technology, new functionality and even a new screen format that will help you add new life into your projector business. We’ll even show you something that you can’t do with any display!

Grass Valley T2 iDDR can help your HOW customers.

Are you losing House of Worship sales because of video format incompatibility? Starin and Grass Valley have your answer. Are any of those customers frustrated by the lack of flexibility and reliability in their recording and playback of HD video? And, are they coming to you for solutions to these kinds of problems? I’d be willing to bet that your answer is “yes” to at least one of these questions. Join us this Friday at 2 PM ET to learn about Grass Valley's T2 iDDR.

Three ways to better mic selection for the church, lecture hall & video capture.

In Houses of Worship and in large presentations and even lecture halls, the sound tech thinks – “how do I get more gain before feedback? How do I get the mic closer to the source?” The speaker thinks – “where do I find a mic that is so light weight I don’t know it is there?” We think this will be an eye-opener for us all.

Compelling reasons to choose video streaming for high quality video distribution

We’ll be taking a look at distributed video. We want to show you some very compelling reasons to reconsider the way you have been designing distributed video systems in schools, in hospitality, healthcare, industrial, corporate and even in sports venues and convention centers.

Transport Streaming- Within facilities & to remote locations.wm


Collaboration system deployment – Wow Vision & Kramer Via .wmv

IP Notification & Intercom - Advanced Network Devices SIP & HTTP deployment .wmv

From K-12 to Higher Ed tools for choosing the best collaborative learning system.

What is the most prevalent question you get from educational technology customers today? Is it how they can efficiently and easily share ideas and content in the group learning space? Join us this Friday to learn more about choosing the best collaborative learning systems.

Assistive Listening Considerations – Hear every word

It's not fun. Partial hearing loss is a real problem for a significant portion of every audience. Find out simple and inexpensive ways to help your customers to meet all ADA requirments. Starin will dicuss connecting ALS transmitters into an existing sound system and go over receivers that are discreet, pocket-sized & attach to several different types of earphones to suit the user all in under 20 minutes.

One hour in depth videos On Demand Now!
Enabling a network for AV communications

Video conferencing began allowing AV network traffic, but VoIP paved the way for wider acceptance of the converged network concept as a common reality. Network managers no longer say "not on my network", though are rightfully mindful of how anything impacts the mission critical operations. We will explore a sampling of AV implementation to assure
secure, effective and productive results.


Subnets and VLANs

The subnet mask is particularly confusing, especially if it isn’t the familiar In this session, we’ll look at how the mask creates a subnet and how that differs from the idea of a virtual LAN. You will see numerous examples and hear how these are useful in AV deployments.

UDP-TCP / Ports/ Adaptive video streaming

UDP-TCP/Ports/and forms of IP video. This session will discuss the difference between UDP and TCP, emphasizing the difference in network characteristics that support audio and video streams using the two protocols. We’ll also cover port numbers, what they mean, and their role in configuring a firewalls or proxy server. finally, we’ll look at video transport platforms that use RTP, RTSP, adaptive HTTP and WebRTC and how the related to the previous topics.


IP Security basics for AV

How are keys for encryption created and distributed? What does it mean to require a device to authenticate to the network? How secure are our AV devices? These are issues to be discussed in this session.


MPEG transport and multicasting

In this session we’ll discuss the mpeg transport mechanism, the most widely used format for carrying UP video. While it was popularized for IPTV, sometimes it’s even hidden under streaming protocols used by the major vendors. Then we’ll dig into multicasting and discuss some practical concerns that seem to come up with deployments that use the mpeg transport stream. Specifically, we’ll consider some AV products that depend on mpeg transport and multicasting