Starin generates demand for and delivers audio, video, multimedia, lighting and communication solutions via added-value measures of channel management, brand development & promotion, training, application assistance, implementation support, sales incentives and procurement programs. Our mission is: Make the job of the Communications Professional EASIER and more PROFITABLE.

Reseller Portals are centralized, standard format resource centers for all brands with product, pricing, ordering and other information is provided.   If your company has an account, you can get password access to the portals for 24/7 confidential details via the upper right Sign-up link or just click here.

These are the questions we want to keep in mind as we serve: 

What’s in it for you, the communications provider and  integrator?

How do you want to do business?

How do you want to grow business?

What applications and solutions are you  targeting and developing?

How are you working to satisfy your customers with added-value?

We have a core belief that everyone owns market share.  Every outlet, no matter what size, has a sphere of influence to connect meaningfully with end-customers.  We want to reinforce your model and methods to increase your offer and service.   Our resources are available to you as a supportive reseller.  Get to know us better and let us become a better part of your business.  
Working with Starin, we think you’ll find that it is clear... we’ve been there.   Many of us have worked for manufacturers, dealers and integrators. Like you, we’ve been up against project deadlines.  We know what it’s like to just want the confidence the components will arrive on time for the install date...  that it’s all going to work together just as you were instructed and someone will be available to assure implementation goes smooth and respond if and when anything is a problem down the line.

We don’t just read a computer screen and shrug. We hate the words “no” or “can’t” as much as you do. Not only do we want you to complete the job successfully, we want to keep earning your business for years.

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